Can immunosuppressive cell tower radiation increase 

chances of new and potentially deadly virus outbreaks such as the coronavirus? Yes, stop 5G now.

Read the Appeal by Global Scientists and Researchers to stop 5G.

Are Microwave Injured Veterans More Likely to be Affected by Viruses?

Yes. Microwave radiation can cause immunosuppressive injuries by causing a known bio-mechanism; oxidation of fatty acids that leads to immune suppression.


Until now MIVN hasn't felt the need to highlight those microwave related immunosuppressive injuries because there are many other latent microwave related injuries that typically come to the forefront like leukemia or lymphoma. 


Typically flu-like symptoms occur in the acute stages of injury not in the later stages. The microwave injured veteran typically recovers from the acute flu-like symptoms phase and then the pathology, which is very distinct, continues onward for the rest of their life. 

If a microwave injured veteran is under quarantine he or she has to be quarantined under certain special conditions; no artificial electromagnetic field broadcasts into the room what-so-ever. No cell phones, no WiFi, no cell towers operating nearby otherwise the previously compromised immune system of the veteran may be further compromised giving the virus a stronger foothold. The veteran could die from experiencing multiple oxidative stress induced immunosuppression that allowed a virus to overtake the microwave injured veteran fill the lungs with water and basically drown the veteran. 


If the goal of quarantine is care and healing then the immune system needs to be bolstered as opposed to being diminished by artificial electromagnetic field sources. 

Until the 5G microwave systems are turned off world-wide; more deadly viruses are likely to break out and spread. It is predictable because the nature of microwave devices is to oxidize fatty acids.


5G is likely the most powerful of all of these microwave devices and therefore the most immunosuppressive due to the high potential to oxidize fatty acids. Oxidation is the process; immune suppression is the result; death can be the result but typically is not. 

It is our belief that the White House task force should announce the immediate shut down of 5G cell facilities until a non-telecom industry panel of experts can be established and a formal review can be conducted. The White House task force should be bold and decisive and swift in this decision.


Lack of leadership in this matter will only make the problem worse. We believe that the President of the United States has the leadership and foresight to make a decision like this but we believe that he is not informed by his staff about this issue.


He has changed his mind before upon hearing facts multiple times. His staff shouldn't be fearful of speaking up to save lives. We are now asking openly for the President of the United States to shut down 5G immediately so that no one will be left behind. We believe in a rebound in health and human prosperity upon 5G shut down in the United States and elsewhere. 


5G turned off globally equals better chances of healing naturally from viruses. We have lobbied nearly every government interagency with urgency and expressed the importance of the need to turn off 5G until new and more appropriate human health and safety standards can be established and we have not received any responses save one. We will not disclose that response source but the response was, "Our scientists do not agree with you." That's okay. They don't have to agree with us. By not agreeing with us they are not agreeing with their own prior research that we were happy to remind them about by sending this organization its own report from years ago. There is no agreeing or not agreeing and they are wasting valuable time. Our goal is not to convince but to remind interagency organizations of what they once knew but, over time, have forgotten. These bio-mechanisms in response to 5G are well established inarguable scientific facts regarding physics and bio-mechanics.

Look at the list of 5G systems in the gray box image. Anyone, including the general public, living in similar multiple close proximity microwave conditions that contracts a potentially deadly virus has a higher chance of mortality than someone that has no artificial electromagnetic field environmental oxidation of fatty acids stress. 


If you, the reader, have the ability to take a similar photo of a WiFi list that matches your surroundings then you'll know how many 5G microwave towers are operating near your location. Consider that one of these 5G devices is enough to cause an immunosuppressive injury. The more 5G systems that are present; the higher the cumulative effect; the higher the chances of contracting a virus and the higher the mortality rate.


Contact your Congressional Representative and tell your representative that you support the immediate shut down of 5G towers, facilities, and devices. By doing so, you may save the lives of microwave injured veterans that have contracted a deadly virus and are not informed about their need to be isolated from all microwave radiation devices during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Tell your representative that you especially want 5G cell towers turned off in order to reduce the mortality rate. 

If the 5G cell towers are not turned off immediately this virus will possibly resolve but the leukemia and lymphoma rates will skyrocket; that's the next phase of pathology. Every minute of the day that the towers are operational is a minute that the damage that is done to human beings cannot be undone. Providing general hygiene recommendations is helpful under non-oxidation non-microwave environmental conditions. Turning 5G cell towers off immediately should be the first thing that is ordered. Then all of that hygiene advice and guidelines will prove helpful. 

Mr. President, Donald J. Trump, we call on you, on behalf of the estimated 4 million microwave injured veterans in the United States, to order those 5G cell towers turned off immediately. Rip the band-aid off. In your words, "What the hell do you have to lose?" Why should every other industry suffer to prop up this one industry? 5G is the massive elephant in the room. For those who say that 5G is essential for healthcare systems we wonder how on earth healthcare systems did just fine without 5G prior to 2018 and 2019? 5G is not essential, the technology is convenient yet harmful. That ideology is indicative of a worldwide personal affinity for a technology that doesn't even come close to being safe or healthy, similar to asbestos and tobacco affinity but much more harmful than those two toxins combined.

More information:

Air Force Study: See p11: While the study may be dated the science is principled and timeless. The science applies to any time in history; including modern times.


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Coronavirus Map from John's Hopkins: Note that the countries with the strictest RF safety standards have the least Coronavirus cases.

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GSA 5G Trials Report July 2018

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