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The image below depicts unacceptable amounts of cumulative

microwave radiation that has gone unregulated and allowed by the FCC and the PUC to impact a public housing unit.

5G Networks at Seascape Apartments.jpg
5G network with aerial view of Manhattan
923 5G Towers Statewide

Can immunosuppressive cell tower radiation increase 

chances of new and potentially deadly virus outbreaks such as the coronavirus? Yes, stop 5G now.

Read the Appeal by Global Scientists and Researchers to stop 5G.

Symptoms Metabolic Syndrome.jpg

Fighting ‘silent hypoxia’, a deadly condition of COVID-19, NBC Washington, Channel 4, April 29, 2020

What Is a Pulse Oximeter and Can It Help Against COVID-19?

A Pulmonary Pathologist's Perspective on COVID-19, Cleveland Clinic, March 20, 2020.

UPDATE: 8/1/2020

The following list of celebrities, reporters, companies, and commentators are promoting oxidative stress related immunosuppressive 5G roll out during a deadly pandemic that kills immunosuppressed people and causes inflammation in children. We will continue to list these names until the misinformation campaign stops. 5G is immunosuppressive and the science is sound mathematically.


The science and the math does not care about any promoters affinity for the products or the normalcy bias that people carry with them or their preferences for faster internet speed (which can be accomplished by fiber).


It's time to wake up. Stop promoting 5G misinformation when you've done little to no research for yourself. If you or your company is listed below and you decide to stop promoting 5G; we will remove your name from our list instantly upon notification at


This list will continue to be updated daily because by ignoring science promoters of 5G could be harming microwave injured veterans that we support. 


Isobel Cockerell

Sarah Manavis

Travis M. Andrews


Amy Poehler

Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub

Anthony Anderson










Spectrum Mobile (in partnership with Verizon)



The Washington Post

Marvell Technology



TV Networks that have run ad campaigns promoting immunosuppressive 5G during the coronavirus pandemic. 









The CW

Comedy Central




Kim Komando

Jim Cramer

We believe in being kind and so if these promoters need proof that 5G injury is real then they are invited to review our online library

We also will speak with anyone that has questions. Email us at

There are plenty of celebrities that are not afraid to speak out against 5G. They include:

Wiz Khalifa

Keri Wilson


Woody Harrelson

Amir Khan

John Cusack

Teddy Riley

Amanda Holden

Isabel Lucas

Fran Drescher

Keri Hilson

We thank those celebrities for supporting microwave injured veterans by speaking up even during a time when it is considered not popular to do so and their willingness to speak up helps to raise awareness and save lives. These celebrities are standing up for these veterans and the general public and kids who until recently had no voice. That is what heroes do. They save people.

For the promoters of 5G, we hope that you will take the time to become more informed. There are decades of studies showing how devices like 5G are harmful that have been conducted by multiple agencies and it is a myth that there are no peer reviewed scientific articles. We can provide citations to such articles upon request or you may find these articles yourself by using our research webpage.

Note: Proponents of 5G paint the picture of 5G as a wonderful evolution in technology. They undersell the harmful effects and oversell the benefits. When presented with real scientific facts these proponents often turn to pejorative responses and general statements that are in no way scientific. If that doesn't work; the proponents turn to mocking and bullying those who are opposed to 5G. They blame the burning of cell towers on all 5G opponents. There is no time for debate or more research. Shut down of 5G is an urgent matter.

Four things need to happen to help microwave injured veterans;

  1. The U.S. Telecom Act needs reform to include a section to prevent safety issues and harm to human health. This will prevent aggravation of the symptoms that microwave injured veterans experience and allow these forgotten veterans to live more whole lives.

  2. 38 CFR needs reform to include microwave injured veterans as a presumptive illness.

  3. An immediate halt to 5G has to occur immediately until the U.S. government can get the new policies, mandates, and laws established to protect its people.

  4. Advertising and promoting of 5G should be illegal until non-telecom industry panelists can conduct an assessment and make recommendations for reform. This will lead legislators down the path of seeing the benefit of fiber optics over 5G.


Oxidative Stress also Causes DNA breakage depicted below; which is the exact same injury that atomic ionizing radiation causes. Ionization is a process that generates illnesses due to DNA breakage. 


DNA breakage is the resulting injury of both ionizing and some non-ionizing radiation equal to the 5G multiple close proximity radiation devices.


The current presumptive illness category at the VA, which uses 38 CFR to deny claims, only allows atomic ionized radiation as a presumptive illness when in fact ionization is a pathogenesis as is oxidative stress. The illness resulting from DNA breakage is exactly the same for both types of radiation.


When the VA reconstructs to determine benefits for ionized veterans, a board is convened including scientists and doctors who focus on the power needed to break DNA whereas in non-ionizing radiation a similar board of scientists and doctors should be convened to focus on the polarity of the charged particles and tunneling rather than the power needed to break DNA and the injury caused by oxidative stress and resulting DNA breakage should be the new presumptive illness.

In short, there are multiple ways that DNA can be broken and those include.

  1. Atomic ionization

  2. Non-atomic oxidation caused by microwave injury.

The pathology is nearly identical for all sources of DNA breakage. H2A.x antibody testing should determine whether a veteran has been injured by DNA breakage and not the opinions of medical doctors at the VA. Opinions are not needed when there is a test that is very easy to administer yet is rarely administered.


Are Microwave Injured Veterans More Likely to be Affected by Viruses?

Yes. Microwave irradiation can cause immunosuppressive injuries by causing a known bio-mechanism: oxidation of fatty acids (lipids) which causes immune suppression. Other secondary conditions created by oxidative stress are Metabolic Syndrome and DNA breaks. This process leads to the many chronic symptoms that microwave injured veterans experience over a lifetime from the moment of the injury onward. Oxidative stress is likely why some doctors are comparing coronavirus symptoms to altitude sickness and testing hyperbaric chamber (HBOT) as a possible cure for coronavirus. In truth, the HBOT may help to reverse acute oxidative stress temporarily. 

We want to warn our readers that there are three practices that should also be talked about to prevent the spread of the virus. One, is that the virus lingers in the air for hours after someone sneezes or coughs or breaths heavily. Social distancing does not work in that type of environment. If one walks into a convenience store and walks to the counter to purchase goods then the person that coughed in that spot an hour earlier could have transported the virus to the second person. The second practice is to avoid public restrooms because the the virus is shed by fecal airborne molecules. Fecal detection at wastewater plants is one of the ways to detect a surge in cases. See this article: Bigley S. 2020. Statnews.


Government agencies worldwide should be warning the general public to avoid public restrooms. The most obvious place to avoid a public restroom would be supermarket restrooms that may not be adequately sanitized. The final practice; we believe that it is entirely unethical for news agencies to promote 5G or broadband expansion as a critical need during the pandemic. For example, one newscaster accused opponents of 5G as being fear mongers without conducting any in-depth analysis. The newscaster simply and irresponsibly tagged opponents with this label; fear monger. Such labels are harmful to microwave injured veterans because the label creates a false sense of security that 5G is safe and tries to force these legitimately concerned injured veterans into silence. The science will reveal the truth over time and 5G will be shut down sooner or later. We recommend immediate shut down of 5G cell towers during the pandemic, and a stop to all advertisements. It is our belief that the pandemic will continue to grind the U.S. and other nations down until these practices are established. Opening schools requires shut down of new 5G towers that place schools in near or far field radiation lobules. The cost of shutting down 5G towers is far less than the cost of turning a blind eye to the adverse biological effects..


5G devices are immune suppressive because they are MASERS (Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) and should not be legal to operate in the U.S. because there is no way for microwave injured veterans or the general public to opt out of the irradiation. These devices run counter to the health and safety of microwave injured veterans and the general public. The U.S. government is tasked with promoting the general welfare of the people and ought to bring about the much needed safety and health regulations that have been missing from the implementation of 5G. Recently two major 5G companies announced that they are teaming up together. When the general public and high-ranking politicians realize that 5G is the source of immune suppression that bolsters the virus then there will be an outcry. Congressional hearings will be inevitable and criminal charges may be filed for wrongful death. 


MIVN reminds politicians frequently about the dangers. We do not try to convince them of what many of them already know. The "Let's try 5G and see what happens." response no longer works. We know what MASERS do to the human body. They know what happens.

The map above represents 5G cell tower locations and the colors represent intensity of cases. Over 3 thousand 5G cell towers have been installed on the East Coast of the U.S. and Over 1 thousand on the West Coast of the U.S. The highest concentration is New York with 923 5G cell towers installed followed by Philadelphia with 478 installed 5G cell towers. The image was created using the Comparison Map links below.

Until now MIVN hasn't felt the need to highlight those microwave related immunosuppressive injuries because there are many other latent microwave related injuries that typically come to the forefront like leukemia or lymphoma and birth defects in the children of microwave injured veterans.  


Typically flu-like symptoms occur in the acute stages of injury not in the later stages. By the time that a veteran becomes conscious of the possibility of injury and contact MIVN it is usually years after their acute symptoms phase of microwave injury. The microwave injured veteran typically recovers from the acute flu-like symptoms phase and then the pathology, which is very distinct, continues onward for the rest of their life. 

If a microwave injured veteran is under quarantine he or she has to be quarantined under certain special conditions; no artificial electromagnetic field broadcasts into the room what-so-ever. No cell phones, no WiFi, no cell towers operating nearby otherwise the previously compromised immune system of the veteran may be further compromised giving the virus a stronger foothold. The veteran could die from experiencing multiple oxidative stress induced immunosuppression that allowed a virus to overtake the microwave injured veteran fill the lungs with water and basically drown the veteran. 


If the goal of quarantine is care and healing then the immune system needs to be bolstered as opposed to being diminished by artificial electromagnetic field sources. 

Until the 5G microwave systems are turned off world-wide, more deadly viruses are likely to break out and spread. It is predictable because the nature of microwave devices is to oxidize fatty acids.

5G is likely the most powerful of all previous microwave devices because of its intense pencil beam forming bio-tunneling radiation and therefore the most immunosuppressive due to the high potential to oxidize fatty acids. Oxidation is the process; immune suppression is the result; death can be the result but typically is not. Cancer is typically a latent effect of these types of devices due to DNA breaks, but the process is speeded up by the 24/7 continuous microwave particle irradiation. It is our belief that people should be informed of the potential risks before activation of 5G and free societies should be the first countries to tell the truth and give the general public an option to opt out. should not be compelled to do the job that the FCC and the PUC should have done years ago in communicating the potential harm.
















It is our belief that the White House task force should announce the immediate shut down of 5G cell facilities until a non-telecom industry panel of experts can be established and a formal review can be conducted. The White House task force should be bold and decisive and swift in this decision.

Some proponents of 5G point out that the pencil beams are non-ionizing radiation and therefore safe. This video from the U.S. Navy shows how laser pencil beam forming non-ionizing radiation can be harmful when amplified.


Lack of leadership in this matter will only make the problem worse. We believe that the President of the United States has the leadership and foresight to make a decision like this but we believe that he is not informed by his staff about this issue.


He has changed his mind before, upon hearing more detailed facts, multiple times on various issues. His staff shouldn't be fearful of speaking up to save lives. We are now asking openly for the President of the United States to shut down 5G immediately so that no one will be left behind. We believe in a rebound in health and human prosperity upon 5G shut down in the United States and elsewhere as the heavy hand of immune suppressive wireless devices is lifted from the people. 


5G turned off globally equals better chances of healing naturally from viruses. We have lobbied nearly every government agency with urgency and expressed the importance of the need to turn off 5G until new and more appropriate human health and safety standards can be established and we have not received any responses save one. We will not disclose that response source but the response was, "Our scientists do not agree with you." That's okay. They don't have to agree with us. By not agreeing with us they are not agreeing with their own prior research that we were happy to remind them about by sending this organization its own report from years ago. There is no agreeing or not agreeing and they are wasting valuable time. Our goal is not to convince but to remind interagency organizations of what they once knew but, over time, have forgotten. These bio-mechanisms in response to 5G are well established inarguable scientific facts regarding physics and bio-mechanics.

Look at the list of 5G systems in the gray box image. Anyone, including the general public, living in similar multiple close proximity microwave conditions that contracts a potentially deadly virus has a higher chance of mortality than someone that has no artificial electromagnetic field environmental oxidation of fatty acids stress. 


If you, the reader, have the ability to take a similar photo of a WiFi list that matches your surroundings then you'll know how many 5G microwave towers are operating near your location. Consider that one of these 5G devices is enough to cause an immunosuppressive injury. The more 5G systems that are present; the higher the cumulative effect; the higher the chances of contracting a virus and the higher the mortality rate.


Contact your Congressional Representative and tell your representative that you support the immediate shut down of 5G towers, facilities, and devices. By doing so, you may save the lives of microwave injured veterans that have contracted a deadly virus and are not informed about their need to be isolated from all microwave radiation wireless devices during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Tell your representative that you especially want 5G cell towers turned off in order to reduce the mortality rate. 

If the 5G cell towers are not turned off immediately this virus will possibly resolve but the leukemia and lymphoma rates will skyrocket; that's the next phase of pathology. Every minute of the day that the towers are operational is a minute that the damage that is done to human beings cannot be undone. Providing general hygiene recommendations is helpful under non-oxidation non-microwave environmental conditions. Turning 5G cell towers off immediately should be the first thing that is ordered. Then all of that hygiene advice and the social distancing guidelines will prove helpful. 

Mr. President, Donald J. Trump, we call on you, on behalf of the estimated 4 million microwave injured veterans in the United States, to order those 5G cell towers turned off immediately. Rip the band-aid off. In your words, "What the hell do you have to lose?" Why should every other industry suffer to prop up this one industry? 5G is the massive elephant in the room. For those who say that 5G is essential for healthcare systems we wonder how on earth healthcare systems did just fine without 5G prior to 2018 and 2019?


5G is not essential, the technology is convenient yet harmful. The idea that 5G will bring about some kind of miraculous utopia is indicative of a worldwide personal affinity for a technology that doesn't even come close to being safe or healthy, similar to asbestos and tobacco affinity but much more harmful than those two toxins combined.

The CEO of the most popular home video creation company censored all claims outside of W.H.O. guidelines about 5G possibly being related to the coronavirus. She bragged about ordering the removal of content from the popular site deeming it unfounded and "misinformation." She is misinformed, the W.H.O. determined cell phones to be a Class 2B possible carcinogen years ago. The only way to inform is to speak up and then the W.H.O. listens and investigates. She single handedly silenced the voices that are speaking up. How much more of a possible carcinogen are cell phones now that 5G has appeared in 2017 testing, 2018 testing, and December 6, 2019 launch?   

Slogans are the enemy of understanding.


Politicians are beginning to repeat telecom industry slogans like:

"We have to be fair to our farmers and that is why we are going to bring broadband internet to rural areas of the country through the Phase 4 Bill." 

This is an industry slogan and should not be a policy in Phase 4. The oxidation of all biological systems on a farm in a rural area of the United States could cause tremendous permanent harm to crops, livestock, and people. The acute biological adverse effects will be evident within months.


Why not be open and honest with the farmers and let them choose whether they want broadband or not? Why force wireless systems, with no appropriate safety and health regulations, upon the farming community?

MIVN believes that if politicians want to bring faster internet speeds to farmers it should do so by fiber optic cables run to each farmhouse and this will ensure that the crops, the livestock, and the people, will not be adversely affected or accelerated. 

MIVN realizes that speaking the truth may anger some people that have an affinity for technology but we would rather have people angry and alive. We are compelled to speak up for our microwave injured veterans and some of those veterans may also now be farmers that are starting out with a family and trying to make ends meet.


Some of these veteran farmers use the VA Farm Loan program and now, if they are microwave injured veterans, they will likely be in physical and financial pain if a wireless 5G device is radiating that veteran's farm. We have not yet read Phase 4 but we hope that broadband for farmers was struck from the bill. Why prop up an industry that claims that it already has enough money?

A few days ago someone set fire to a 5G cell tower. MIVN condemns such action. However, we do have to recognize that just because someone set fire to a cell tower does not mean that the cell tower is not harmful to people living nearby. While it may seem to some people that 5G is magic from the sky, it is not. Each 5G system radiates an intense beam as evident in their own advertisements. That beam is so powerful that it travels long distances. The 5G industry admits that to be the case. They brag about their beam. When the beam passes through the human body it is harmful, especially to microwave injured veterans who tend to be more sensitive. 

5G radiation does immune suppress; it is fact and not fiction. World leaders need to be honest and agree to shut the entire network down immediately if they ever hope to open-up their economies again. The virus cycle will likely repeat over and over again until the shut down of 5G happens. The more 5G systems are added the exponentially greater the health risks grow. The CDC was right to think in terms of millions of lives lost. It's entirely possible. 


More and more experts are publicly speaking out. Those experts that do not speak out will have to live with the shame that they knew there was a problem with 5G safety and health and were silent at this point in history. 5G has reached the law of diminishing marginal returns quicker than the investors realized. Investors in 5G should rethink their portfolio. We believe that they have been duped by the industry with the following industry advertising slogans;

  • "We must win the race to 5G!"

Our Response: This slogan is designed to create an eagerness and a false sense that legislators must rush a roll out of a potentially harmful network of MASERS. We should instead be leading and winning the race to not proliferate these types of devices and facilities. Some governments are winning that race and have halted roll out of 5G. The U.S. should be leading in that regard but the U.S. is losing the race to stop the roll out and turn off the MASER network. 

  • "China is beating the U.S. in AI technology."

Our Response: So what. China has beaten the U.S. in a lot of things and now they allowed a virus to be released into an immune suppressed world that they helped to foster. 

  • "Municipalities (in the U.S.) must meet the FCC shot clock mandate or every 5G application will be automatically approved!"

Our Response: Shot clock? This is not a game of basketball, many lives are at risk. How did the phrase "shot clock" enter a legal FCC mandate? We would like someone to tell us how that language made it into a legally binding government FCC mandate that is now likely further harming microwave injured veterans and the general public? Someone with an affinity for sports added that phrase to the mandate; who was it? 

  • "5G is the next generation of wireless technology."

Our Response: Not true. The number 5 infers a connection dating back to 1981 technology when 1G cellular phones were first released. The G represents the word generation. 5G is in no way like 1G-4G. 5G is a MASER! We have to ask; What exactly is the product, function, and capability? 5G is actually a fixed continuous particle beam system. That is the product. The function is claimed to be to change "everything." The capability is to cause adverse human health effects (whether intentional or unintentional). The product has been around for decades. This is not next generation technology. 5G is 1960s technology repackaged. Anyone that believes that he or she is a forward thinker and embracing new technology with regard to 5G has no idea that the technology is harmful to human health or simply doesn't care. 5G is a mass M.A.S.E.R. network. Nobel prizes have been given for inventors of such systems as early as the 1960s. 5G is a Microwave Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MASER) device. The energy effectively tunnels through buildings and the human body to hand-shake with the phone and then back to the source. We believe in an ethical dividing line. It is ethical to fire A.S.E device radiation at any target that threatens the host nation. We do not believe that it is ethical to fire A.S.E devices at the general public for the sake of profit. That is exactly what 5G companies have been successful at achieving. Why? Because current regulators are not doing their jobs. 2G-4G were microwave devices but the latent affects could be evident in 10-22 years without the victim becoming aware of a microwave injury. 5G has the potential to harm human beings instantly with no lag time. There is a difference between 5G and the previous 1G-4G technology.



Source: Soviet Military Power, 1987. U.S. Government Printing Office. 

Skeptics may claim that Soviet Military Power is not a good source because Author Tom Gervasi wrote a scathing book calling Soviet Military Power a Pentagon Propaganda Document. Tom Gervasi did not contradict this Soviet system in his book. He simply stated that, "Western naval vessels have even more powerful laser devices, and have used them to irradiate Soviet patrol aircraft." cannot confirm or deny Gervasi's claim other than to say that we have a funding report from the era showing Directed Energy Weapons expenditures. 

What is the difference between a M.A.S.E.R and L.A.S.E.R? Both use amplified stimulated emission of radiation to weaponize the non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The name MASER was used first and was replaced by the word LASER (which includes, microwave devices and that is why Soviet Military Power  1987 uses the word LASER. Had the report been created in the 1960s the word MASER would likely have been used instead of LASER). The key word is amplified. Amplified Stimulated Emission was credited to Albert Einstein because he codified it into mathematical equations that could produce replicable results in 1917. However, there were scientists that took note to the phenomena but didn't understand A.S.E. Why? For the same reason that physicians, physicists, and scientists have a difficult time understanding how 5G could possibly have adverse health affects. The U.S. safety standards adopted many years ago for working with A.S.E devices are based on the laws of thermodynamics (e.g. heating). A.S.E. devices are not bound by the laws of thermodynamics but rather quantum electrodynamics. This is why we believe that 5G, an A.S.E. network, causes adverse health effects. We believe that to argue otherwise is to argue not with but Albert Einstein's A.S.E. principles.

There is a bill that is currently making its way through the U.S. Congress (HR 2881). We ask the readers to stand in opposition to this bill by calling their local Senator as the bill provides no opt out for citizens, including microwave injured veterans, to opt out due to electromagnetic sensitivity. It is our belief that those in power should not be protecting this industry. There are laws already in place that prevent citizens from destroying private property. The only reason for this bill is to silence those that oppose 5G. Here is a link to your U.S. Senator's contact information. Be respectful in your correspondence.

It is our belief that the internet of things is not possible unless it is fiber optic hardwired with no wireless towers or radiation. Is it expensive? Yes. But, not more expensive than providing countries that will find themselves shuttered and providing financial relief until the 5G network is shut down. The cost of installing fiber optics would have been much cheaper than all of the money spent on relief funding by governments. 

Lastly, we believe in prevention over treatment. With prevention there is no mortality rate. With treatment there is a mortality rate. That said, and regarding treatment, we acknowledge the VA study on Hydroxychloroquine. But the result may not be the same for the general public.


Since the researchers used MIVN is left to assume that the patients that were the sample for that one study were all veterans and/or currently serving members of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Veterans are exposed to all kinds of toxins. It is part of the job. The list includes contaminated water, chemical agents, etc. It may be the case that some medications have adverse effects on veterans due to their higher risk of exposure to biological toxins as opposed to the general public that typically has less exposure to toxins. What the study may have inadvertently discovered is that, in general, it may be a best practice to administer life saving treatments, to veterans, by intravenous rather than orally due to previously undiagnosed Metabolic Syndrome. 

It is possible that a treatment is more effective for the general public than the veteran population. If that is the case then the general public should not be denied the treatment. 

Celebrities can donate with their voices and talent instead of raising funds for MIVN. If you are a celebrity and read this page and feel brave enough to speak up then here is what you can do. Voice the phrase: "Fiber cables over wireless." using your social media accounts. MIVN doesn't want money. We want voices! Microwave Injured Veterans have suffered in silence for years. They need your voice. If we are all truly in this together then there should be unity over this one thing; Fiber optic cables over wireless to achieve the next generation of internet speed. 

5G installations at VA facilities will not only prevent microwave injured veterans from accessing the building to receive care but will likely harm staffers at the VA (including doctors, nurses and volunteers which include experts from Stanford University). No studies have been conducted to determine whether 5G is safe and yet look at the hyperbole being used to promote 5G at the VA as if 5G is magic and a mystical life saving technology. Doctors who embrace 5G at the VA are considered "forward-thinking." These doctors didn't work with the systems in their infancy during the Cold War Era like the veterans they serve did. The doctors are cheerleaders of a technology that aggravates and causes flare-ups of symptoms. 

There will be veterans that are electromagnetically sensitive that will not be able to enter the VA building because they will feel intense nausea as they approach the building and want to flee due to the shuttle box effect discovered by Univ. of Washington researchers years ago. These veterans will miss their appointments. It is predictable that staff and veterans will begin to experience the exact same symptoms that U.S. diplomats experienced in Cuba and China in recent years and in the Moscow Embassy during the 1960s-1970s. There is acute and latent long-term damage associated with microwave devices like the 5G device being installed at the VA Palo Alto. We invite any veteran that is experiencing symptoms of microwave injury and cannot enter the VA Palo Alto building to contact us immediately. There's no shame in contacting us about this issue. If you were exposed to microwave radar systems under special circumstances in the military you should not be forced to experience more injury inside or outside of a treatment facility.  


Frank Clegg, former CEO of Microsoft Canada believes that the tech and telecom industries are employing the exact same tactics that big tobacco companies did many years ago. We believe his concerns are valid. Clegg is referring to advertisements like these:

Celebrities also promoted cigarettes similar to how celebrities promote 5G today:

More information: Note, MIVN is not in partnership with any of the following organizations. The following links are provided so that readers can stay informed. 

Wang, H., & Zhang, X. (2017). Magnetic Fields and Reactive Oxygen Species. International journal of molecular sciences, 18(10), 2175.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg | 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit, Interviews Oct. 19, 2019.  Dr. Goldberg discusses oxidative stress. 

Air Force Study: See p11: While the study may be dated the science is principled and timeless. The science applies to any time in history; including modern times.


Covid 19 symptoms  

Presidential Guidelines

Proper Hand Washing Tips By CNA Classes Near Me


Joel Moskowitz, 2020 We Have No Reason to Believe that 5G is Safe. Scientific American.

GSA 5G Trials Report July 2018

COVID-19 | Corona Virus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics, 2020. Ninja Nerd Science.

COVID-19 | Corona Virus: Treatment, Prognosis, Precautions, 2020. Ninja Nerd Science.

Harvard University: Coronavirus Resource Center 

World Health Organization: The WHO has designated cell phones as Class 2B probable carcinogen as years ago.

University of Melbourne Lecture

Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE

Kıvrak, E. G., Yurt, K. K., Kaplan, A. A., Alkan, I., & Altun, G. (2017). Effects of electromagnetic fields exposure on the antioxidant defense system. Journal of microscopy and ultrastructure, 5(4), 167–176.

1996 FCC Telecom Act Wrongly Protects Telecom Industry from Lawsuits Related to Human Safety and Health: This Act needs to be revised to protect the General Welfare and not Telecom Industries. We believe that this act is constitutionally unsound and has authorized the silencing of the people of the United States that have been voicing opposition of cell towers near schools all over the United States and the world ever since the act was approved.

Map Comparisons:

5G Map by OOKLA

Coronavirus Map from John's Hopkins: Note that the countries with the strictest RF safety standards have the least Coronavirus cases.

Map Overlay.jpg

NOTE: do noT torch cell towers!


some cell towers are highly incendiary and could cause A catastrophic secondary fire if the tower Falls over.

MIVN is an educational and awareness website. We are not activists. We encourage our readers to follow the proper peaceful channels to achieving relief for microwave injured veterans. We encourage our readers to speak to politicians and industry leaders and the media and be bold yet respectful.

5G is a vast network of MASERS. What is a MASER?

Since 5G is a vast MASER network we have to ask how it is possible that the network can cause immediate adverse human health effects. The telecom industry would have you believe: "The system's energy is just light. It's like sunlight and it is non-ionizing and therefore not harmful." That's not true. Light affects water and altered water inside of human beings can cause adverse health effects. The entire electromagnetic spectrum is light. 



Soviet Maser.jpg

The U.S. general public became aware of the problem in 1985 when CNN's Chuck DeCarro Investigated the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. Since then the U.S. general public has forgotten and now embraced the technology on our own soil through promises of faster internet speeds and better live streaming. 


Dr. Sunjay Gupta warned news anchor Chris Cuomo about Rigors associated with Coronavirus (Covid-19) on April 2, 2020. Our readers may not know what a rigor is and so we have provided this link:

Here is a link to the interview:

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