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This complimentary awareness tool is not a medical diagnostic test. See a medical doctor for diagnosis. 

STEP 1:Mark Answers  STEP 2:Print STEP 3:Share with Medical Provider Step 4: Optional, press Send to receive a full assessment.

Difficulty Concentrating
Treated for Depression
Treated for Anxiety
Memory Loss
Chronic Fatigue
Muscle Spasms
Tingling Sensation
Muscle and Joint Pain
Pressure in/behind the eyes
Treated for Heart Arrhythmia
Low/High Blood Pressure
Treated for Pneumonia
Treated for Lymphoma
Mood Disorder Diagnosed
Personality Disorder Diagnosed
Foot Issues
Decreasing Trust in People
Work Performance
Hearing Loss
ADHD or ADD Diagnosed
Restless Leg Syndrome
Irregular Sleep Pattern
Electromagnetic Sensitivity
Skin Rash
Itchy Skin
Burning Skin Sensation
Facial Flushing
Digestive Issues
Abdominal Pain
Treated for Enlarged Thyroid
Treated for Dehydration
Testicular/Ovarian Pain
Altered Sugar Metabolism
Immune Abnormalities
Body Metals Redistribution
Hair Loss
Deteriorating Vision
Heart Palpitations
Chest Pain or Pressure
Inflamed Sinuses
Asthma Attacks
Treated for Leukemia
Brain Damage
Low Sperm Motility
Increased Irritability
Feelings in Reporting Illness
Eye Damage
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Microwave Radiation Symbol GREEN.jpg

Sending your Microwave Injury Awareness Tool result to us is voluntary. Your result helps other veterans to continuously seek out relief and wellness. In return we will send you specific treatment suggestions to discuss with your primary care provider. MIVN cannot guarantee privacy.

Thank you for your service.


Microwave Injury Awareness Tool

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It takes courage to admit to having a microwave injury. Unlike other injuries, it is a non-visible disability. You "look" healthy. 

Friends, family, and even medical care providers cannot help you unless they know what happened to you. This tool can help you to communicate with them. Don't suffer in silence. 

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Take the first step to discover what is on the other side of the bridge. Create your own personal injury awareness tool instantly.  

Female Doctor

The Goal: Continuity of Care

So that a specialty treatment does not permanently worsen one symptom over the other.

The Mission:

To continuously seek out relief and wellness.

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What next? After filling in the options on the microwave injury awareness tool

scroll down to the bottom of this page to see your individual instant result. 

For a full assessment of microwave injury likelihood select the Send button and MIVN will determine the likelihood of a microwave injury and send you the latest list of treatment options for you to discuss with your primary care provider. 

Most of the treatment options are listed on the VA formulary. If you already have VA benefits for one or more of your symptoms then treatments may be available to you through the VA. 

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