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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this website list resource material that is older than five years old?

Answer: Because there are scientific principles that exist in decades old studies that are timeless and still apply to modern times.

Why hasn't the news been talking about this topic if it is so important?

Answer: We are not sure. The microwave safety standards being wrong is the biggest story that should be covered but is ignored. A few local stations have covered the story. GAO Report 2012

I was told that there are no peer reviewed studies showing biological effects of electromagnetic fields, is that true?

Answer: No, it is not true. There are many peer reviewed and approved studies.

Why can't we see microwave biological effects?

Answer: We cannot see many of the effects because they happen at a micro-molecular level. We can however see the injury results in microwave injured veterans. We can see that the veteran has joint pain, cataracts, etc. The physiological results are there but primary care providers are not trained to recognize these symptoms as microwave related.  

What is the best advice to give to the next generation?

Answer: Do not allow small cell facilities to be placed in residential areas and at schools. Microwave is so harmful on so many levels.

Can't humans simply evolve to the increased radiated power in their life? What's the big deal?

Answer: The big deal is that human beings cannot evolve to incurring microwave injury. There is no tolerance build up. One is either injured by it or not. Besides, Darwin even wrote that when he would breed pigeons he would typically notice a mutation in addition to the particular trait that he was trying to bring out of the bird. If he wanted a long feather on top of the head the bird would grow webbed feet, etc. Since this is continuous energy mutation will be the likely outcome.

Why hasn't the government been warning us about this EMF toxic hazard? 

Answer: There is no shortage of information and even government studies showing biological effects dating back to a U.S. Navy study in 1942. Magda Havas of Trent University stated that the real problem is that no one is listening to the government studies. GAO Report 2012


Why doesn't MIVN include family history illnesses into your Microwave Injury Awareness Tool?

Answer: We do consider family history to be important. Sometimes family history illnesses leap frog over generations. Microwave radiation can aggravate family history symptoms that would have normally been in a leap frogged family member. This causes the family history symptoms to present when they would not have otherwise done so. We are determining the "likelihood" of microwave injury when we assess the results of the tool. There is a distinct injury spectrum. If an assessment is not within the parameters of the spectrum then we may ask for more information about family history.  

Why do you have information about a high school on this veteran's site?

Answer: We believe that high school students that want to join the U.S. military should be allowed to pursue their dream and not have that dream hindered by being exposed to continuous microwave beam energy while they are at school without the ability to opt out. We believe that these students will not be permitted to join the military due to the inability to pass the military physicals and these students will be forced to pay a lifetime of copays to cover the expenses associated with ongoing treatment. We believe that it is important to speak up about this issue now. Certain communications companies are forcing municipalities to install these microwave devices without regard for the hot spots that they generate and the mass injuries that they will inflict upon students in the United States. It is unethical, morally depraved, and grossly negligent to install such devices within 3,000 feet of a any school, military base, or government institutions, residential areas.  

Aren't small cell facilities safer than cell phones?

Answer: No. It may alarm you to know that your cell phone is harmful, but it is true. (Links: CNN Report (2016), GAO Report 2012, CDPH Guidelines) also you can find information in your iOS at Settings -> General -> About -> Legal -> RF Exposure. 

What is the Shuttlebox effect?

Answer: Shuttlebox is an involuntary flee mechanism. People that experience the shuttlebox effect may flee their workstation. Early shuttlebox effect experiments were conducted by Phillips, Lovely, Frey and Feld from 1975-1976. A follow-on study took place at the Battle Memorial Institute Dept. of Psychology, University of Washington by D. L. Hjeresen, S. R. Doctor and R. L. Sheldon in 1978. The UW study confirmed the findings of Phillips, Lovely, Frey and Feld. The researchers used a cage that was half shielded and half exposed. The rats were struck with low power-density pulsed microwaves and most of the rats instantly ran to the shielded side. Assuming that the rats were experiencing auditory disturbance and irritation, the researchers suspected an auditory response to pink noise as the source of the fleeing. Since then researchers have learned that the rats likely fled because of mid-brain damage, particularly the limbic system and the leaking of albumin in the mid-brain. In the mid-1970s, most researchers believed that the blood-brain barrier (BBB) was not able to be breached by microwave. Researchers now know that the BBB is actually a transporter of microwave energy because it contains iron and the brain contains copper and iron and other transition metals that give up electrons easily. F.W. Cope, an Air Force researcher, suggested that SAR estimates may not be accurate because of electron tunneling. Just as one would never place metal inside of a microwave oven, one should never expose a brain to low power microwave or high power microwave energy. 

Why does this site reference Soviet Battlefield Laser reports? 

Answer: All of the electromagnetic spectrum is light. A weaponized LASER (Light Amplified Stimulated Emission) is also a MASER (Microwave Amplified Stimulated Emission Radiation). The weapon is based on Einstein's principles of "Amplified Stimulated Emission" research (1919). According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the Soviets were likely capable as of the mid-to-late eighties. While lasers are now common place, it would have been hard to convince anyone that lasers and masers were used in the mid-to-1980 in the U.S. The weapon was unthinkable. Yet in 1985, Robert O. Becker, M.D. rightly referred to the laser/maser weapons systems as an "electromagnetic flamethrower."

What is a SSPW mindset?

Answer: Single Source Pure Wave (SSPW) mindset is the belief that an arbitrary single source chart accurately depicts a multiple collocated microwave device real world environment. Compensation and Pension adjudicators are still, presently, using the SSPW mindset as a guide for decisions as to who is awarded benefits. A multiple collocated upshifted microwave environment leads to injury not only because of heat (which is a product of non-thermal quantum bio-mechanisms) but because of the electro-ionizing energy upshifts that are not indicated on the chart. We find the use of SSPW charts unethical in determining C and P moreover we find it to be a borderline human rights violation to continue to use the SSPW mindset charts applied to multiple collocated microwave environments. One look at the chart should beg the question. What about multiple source energy increases? If one shines two flashlights at the same spot on a wall the circle is twice as bright. Microwave is light and it does the exact same thing. 

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An SSPW mindset chart is found in this report: Ionizing Radiation/Non-Ionizing Radiation 

I have lost touch with my military team/unit. I'm concerned about their health as well. How can I get in touch with them?

Answer: Some of your teammates may have already signed up for Together We Served online. If you sign up you may find them on that site. You can email your team or unit once you establish your account.

Where is your statistical data? How do these military injured veteran populations compare to the American population? 

Answer: When speaking about a microwave injury, Calculus is the superior math because the injury is rooted in derivative biological damage. For example, water molecule spin, eddy currents, transition metal electron release are all calculus functions. Comparing statistical populations is inappropriate. For example, an embassy worker in Moscow that was struck with microwave energy from a MASER across the street for 16 years does not in any way relate to an American "control" group.


That person may have never had the injury other than working inside of that embassy. Yet when compared to the American population at that time the injury is rendered statistically insignificant. Statistically significant data and important data are two different things. One person can incur a 1% microwave brain injury and it would be considered not statistically significant. If that 1% brain damage is in a vital part of the brain it is important even though it is statistically insignificant. The Calculus would let you know that the injury is important. The delta change from natural to an unnatural state is quantifiable and therefore no probability study is needed. The overuse of statistical analysis is one of the problems. Imagine a doctor saying, "I can see that you have an injury but your injury is statistically insignificant so I can't treat you." It is unthinkable, however that is exactly what happens under the currently written C.F.R. 38 and U.S.C. 38 laws that we suggest be revised as soon as possible to prevent further injuries.  

The more modern view would be to use the following book as a guide:

Computational methods for electromagnetic phenomena: electrostatistics in solvation, scattering

Cai Wei - Cambridge University Press - 2013

What about inverse square law? Doesn't it ensure some degree of safety?

Answer: No. Inverse square law simply defines the general shape of the radiation lobe (an elliptical or oval shape instead of a circle) from the source and has nothing to do with the safety of the radiation inside of that lobe. There is no such thing as a perfect inverse square with regard to radiation because when the radiation strikes organic and inorganic objects it reradiates, diffuses, reflects, etc. The wave energy is altered in the real world. The only places where inverse square is nearly perfect are in a lab, on a piece of paper, and in outer space. In the real world, when talking about inverse square law one can expect extremely low frequencies in the far field and high intensity in the near field from a microwave device. Especially if that microwave device is collocated with other microwave devices. Extremely low frequency energy and high-powered microwave is harmful.

What is 5G technology? How does it affect microwave injured veterans?

Answer: IEEE Spectrum Video

Watch the video. It sounds wonderful doesn't it? The internet everywhere. It isn't wonderful for microwave injured veterans that will be bogged down with ever-increasing copays as a result of injury aggravation. The hegemony surrounding the technology is strong and actually dates back to a November 1947 article in Popular Science Monthly titled The Microwaves are Coming by Martin Mann. People that speak out against the multiple collocated microwave system are deemed as change resistant, discredited, shamed and ridiculed by attorneys and electrical engineering consultants in municipal planning commission hearings. It is inappropriate to shame microwave injured veterans into silence and not allow them to have access to public rights of way or to systematically force them into reclusion because of their microwave sensitive injury. Just as a burn injury survivor tends to have more sensitive skin, the same is true of microwave injured veterans. They are more sensitive to microwave energy. They cannot live in the 5G world without aggravation of their injury.

What is the difference between microwave and sonic injury? None. Microwave causes sonic damage. 

Soviet Development of Gyrotrons by Simon Kassel, DARPA, 1986

Is the U.S. military intentionally radiating the general public? We cannot see any reason why the U.S. military would intentionally radiate the U.S. general public. There would be no benefit; their talent pool comes from the general public. Radiating the general public would mean a decline in future operational readiness. The military is a future minded organization. It is more likely that telecom using a network of microwave radiating devices was permitted, wrongly, to use former "military only" parts of the electromagnetic spectrum without any proper modern safety standards to rush installation of small cell facilities to build a vast network of microwave radiation devices with no regard to safety and human health is affecting the general public. The safety standards for these devices, like 5G, are archaic. New standards have to be created and the 5G system should be turned off immediately until a formal review of non-telecom industry scientists (biologists, physicists, and physicians) can determine whether or not the 5G systems are safe as a single unit or in multiple near proximity locations. The military has historically had its share of varied hazardous accidents and there will be more in the future because it is the nature of training drills and readiness and war fighting to have hazardous accidents from time to time. The work is dangerous. We want to be clear that any claim that the military is intentionally radiating the general public would NOT make sense. 

Wouldn't government regulators tell the U.S. general public that radio-frequency radiation (RFR) is harmful?

Answer: They do require hazard sign posting for harmful RFR. The problem is that there is no public awareness campaign therefore most of the general public is unaware of what these signs mean. Other international regulators also require signs.

Warning RF.jpg
photo of a posted microwave hazard sign.
Microwave radiation warning sign on chai
A warning sign attached to a wire fence,
Radiation Warning.jpg
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