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Authors and Books

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Paul M. Lahti: University of Massachusetts

James J. Conklin and Richard I. Walker: Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute 

Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Seldon: Nobel Prize 1937, former VA Syracuse Orthopedic Surgeon 

Wolfram Schnabel, PhD: Technical University of Berlin 

James Lin, PhD: Wayne State University and University of Washington School of Medicine

Preston Law: Naval Sea Systems Command, Head of Topside Electromagnetics Design Branch 

Wei Cai: Professor, University of North Carolina

The Invisible Rainbow: a history of electricity and life;a history of electricity and life


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Case Law Links

Navy Technician Wins $131,000 Out of Court Settlement, MICROWAVE NEWS March/ApriI 1988, Vol. VIII, No. 2, p8-9 SETTLED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 0518711 Decision Date: 07/11/05 Archive Date: 07/20/05 DOCKET NO. 04-12 133A ) DENIED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1014863 Decision Date: 04/19/10 Archive Date: 04/30/10 DOCKET NO. 05-08 431 REMANDED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 0814027 Decision Date: 04/29/08 Archive Date: 05/08/08 DOCKET NO. 05-25 837 DENIED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 0930242 Decision Date: 08/12/09 Archive Date: 08/19/09 DOCKET NO. 07-38 959 REMANDED


Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1028715 Decision Date: 07/30/10 Archive Date: 08/10/10 DOCKET NO. 02-11 309 DENIED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1033533 Decision Date: 09/07/10 Archive Date: 09/15/10 DOCKET NO. 03-18 614A DENIED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1103271 Decision Date: 01/25/11 Archive Date: 02/01/11 DOCKET NO. 07-14 673 ) DENIED 

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1123061 Decision Date: 06/16/11 Archive Date: 06/28/11 DOCKET NO. 07-31 526 ) REMANDED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1230791 Decision Date: 09/07/12 Archive Date: 09/10/12 DOCKET NO. 07-37 899 ) DENIED 

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1433150 Decision Date: 07/24/14 Archive Date: 07/29/14 DOCKET NO. 10-30 516  GRANTED

Department of Veteran's Affairs: Citation Nr: 1521066 Decision Date: 05/18/15 Archive Date: 05/26/15 REMANDED

Litigating Nonionizing Radiation Injury Claims: Traditional Approaches to a Contemporary Problem, Pamela J. Laquidara, Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review

Volume 10 | Issue 4, 5-1-1983, Article 5

U.S. Code: Title 38 - VETERANS’ BENEFITS, Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute

38 C.F.R. §§ 3.311- Claims based on exposure to ionizing radiation, Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute

VA Mission Statement


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Government Policy and Research

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Articles and Reports

UC San Diego Health. (2018, August 29). Diplomats' mystery illness linked to radiofrequency/microwave radiation, researcher says. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 6, 2020 from

Blake, P. (1011). Personnel Radiation Exposure Associated with X-Rays Emanating from U.S. Coast Guard LORAN High Voltage Vacuum Tube Transmitter Units, 2011. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, note p12 RF RADIATION. 


Moskowitz, J. (2019). We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe. Scientific American, a Division of Springer Nature America, Inc.

Swanson RL, Hampton S, Green-McKenzie J, et al. Neurological Manifestations Among US Government Personnel Reporting Directional Audible and Sensory Phenomena in Havana, Cuba. JAMA. 2018;319(11):1125–1133. doi:10.1001/jama.2018.1742

Washington Post: Research Links Workers' Ills to Microwave Radiation, 1985 by Sally Squires

Foster, K., & Guy, A. (1986). The Microwave Problem. Scientific American, 255(3), 32-39. 

Environmental Aspects of Microwave Radiation 
Donald Mcree - Environmental Health Perspectives- 1972
Hjeresen, D., Doctor, S., & Sheldon, R. (1979). Shuttlebox Side Preference as Mediated by Pulsed Microwave and Conventional Auditory Cues. Proceedings of the 1978 Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems - Ottawa, Canada, June 28-30, 1978. IMPI Ltd. (NO LINK AVAILABLE) 
Oliva, S, A. (1979). Protecting Military Personnel and the Public From the Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation From Military Communications and Radar Systems. 
Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones
Leif Salford-Arne Brun-Jacob Eberhardt-Lars Malmgre-Bertil Persson - Environmental Health Perspectives - 2003 (Select):
Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms
Yan-Hui Hao-Li Zhao-Rui-Yun Peng - Military Medical Research - 2015
Soviet Battlefield Lasers, (1984). Director of Central Intelligence (Declassified)
Soviet Battlefield Lasers (1987). Emerging Threat of Blinding and Antisensor Weapons, Director of Intelligence (Declassified). Prepared by the Office of Scientific and Weapons Research (OSWR)
Testicular Degeneration as a Result of Microwave Irradiation (NO LINK AVAILABLE)

C. Imig-J. Thomson-H. Hines - Experimental Biology and Medicine - 1948

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation - A BIBLIOGRAPHY, (1971) Behavior Radiology Laboratory
Division of Neuropsychiatry, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington, DC 200/2
(full text .pdf download may be slow)

Retrieved from:

Nikolova, T., et al, “Electromagnetic Fields Affect Transcript Levels of Apoptosis-Related Genes In Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells,” The FASEB Journal, 2005, 12: 1686-1688 and Diem, E., et al, “Non-Thermal DNA Breakage by Mobile-Phone Radiation (1800 MHz) In Human Fibroblasts and In Transformed GFSH- R17 Rat Granulosa Cells In Vitro,” Mutation Research, 2005, 583(2): 178-183.

Mann, M. (1947, November/December). The Microwaves are Coming! Popular Science, 94-99. NOTE: After selecting this link select p94 in the upper right or scroll down to page 94 to see the article.

Reports of Use of Laser Weapons by the Soviets Against the Chinese (1974), PFIAB Memorandum to Secretary Kissinger Dated 3 September 1974, George A. Carver, Jr., D/NIO, Routed 29 October 1974. Declassified

Biological Effects of Microwave Exposure (1967), Michaelson S.M., Thomson R.A.E., J.W. Howland, University of Rochester, Department of Radiation Biology and Biophysics: TECHNICAL REPORT NO. RADC-TR-67-461. Rome Air Development Center Air Force Systems Command Griffiss Air Force Base, New York RADC (EMLl), GAFB, N.Y 13440).

A. R. Shapiro, R. F. Lutomirski and H. T. Yura, "Induced Fields and Heating Within a Cranial Structure Irradiated by an Electromagnetic Plane Wave," in IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 187-196, February 1971.
doi: 10.1109/TMTT.1968.1127482

Base Level Management of Radio Frequency Radiation Protection Program


APRIL1989 D IY ,Final Report

The Navy Fact File, 7th Ed. 1984, DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY

Cameron Station Alexandria, Virginia 22304-6145, COMPILED AND EDITED BY OFFICE OF INFORMATION, SPEAKERS BUREAU (01-25); WASHINGTON, D.C. 20350, Foreward by Jack A. Garrow, Commodore of the U.S. Navy, p34 NOTE: This file takes several minutes to download. It may seem that the site is stalled but wait a few minutes and the report will be viewable. Page 34 excerpt

Soviet Development of Gyrotrons, Sam Kassel, RAND, Sponsored by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), 1986 

Degrave, E., Meeusen, B., Grivegnée, A.‐R., Boniol, M. and Autier, P. (2009), Causes of death among Belgian professional military radar operators: A 37‐year retrospective cohort study. Int. J. Cancer, 124: 945-951. doi:10.1002/ijc.23988

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