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Fertility and pH

Because all biological systems have ideal pH levels for most of the biological gels that are located inside of the biological system it is important to understand whether microwave can alter fertility based on pH alteration. pH alteration could lead to some of the symptoms of microwave injury by altering timing mechanisms. pH means the Power of Hydrogen 1 being highly acidic and 14 being considered base. A perfect water is in the middle/neutral range; rated a 7 and a chicken egg has a rating of 8. Neither is too acidic nor too base. For that reason a chicken egg is considered neutral.


Human semen also operates in this neutral range about 7 to 8 pH. What happens if human semen pH is altered? Low motility could be a possible outcome and low motility is typically one of the top symptoms of a microwave injury. Microwave injured veterans, especially males, have low fertility success and in some cases genotoxity which occurs when the broken DNA is passed on to the children. 

We are saying that pH alteration of biological gel may cause biomechanics processes to speed up or slow down depending on the pH rating. In human females, a vaginal pH would average at about 4pH to be ideal most of the time except during ovulation and then the pH level rises to neutral at about 7.5. Since we are not permitted to experiment on human beings we decided to us a simple egg suspended in water, since both water and the egg are neutral just like sperm and just like vaginal pH during ovulation. Here is what we found.


First, any egg dropped into water will return roughly to the shape that it was in while inside of the shell. This process takes about four days using normal tap water. The egg forms scaffolding using the oxygen bubbles from the water to float the scaffolds to the surface. We see a similar type of float used in ocean kelp, and when the egg is reformed the oxygen floats either burst or are tugged downward and the gel scaffolding collapses leaving behind gel that resemble a soft-boiled egg.


We believe that shape memory is likely already stored in all biological gel and this phenomenon shouldn't be a surprise anyone.


Gel memory is not easily observable because the process takes more time than many researchers are willing to spend and less time than typical funding sources are willing to allow. Fortunately with time-lapsed video we are beginning to see these hidden processes come to light. In this case, we discovered the egg gel reformation time required four days. We sought to arrest the formation process using a chemical (sodium bisulfate) simulating hypoxia at 1pH and we sought to speed up the process of formation by simply using a microwave oven. The chemical halted formation by rapidly removing oxygen before the scaffolding process could begin. This is comparable to acid rain affecting biological systems in a lake. The halt process was immediate. Just to be sure; we observed the prevention of biological scaffolding over time (four days). There was no movement.


Can male and female fertility be affected by microwave radiation? We know it through anecdotes but we wanted to try to observe and simulate the process. We believe so. While the result is not definitive or conclusive we believe the result should encourage scientists to delve into microwave pH effects and specifically the biological mechanisms involved in possibly creating the fertility problem.

Normal Result No Artificial Alteration: 4 days x 7.2 pH with the egg at 8 pH; Note scaffold building creating the typical oval shape. Shortly after full formation (over four days) the scaffold collapses to form the oval shape without attachment to the water's surface at all. 

Scaffolding Arrested Using Sodium Bisulfate: 4 Hours x 1 pH water with an egg gel at 8 pH. Since the above video is normal then the chemical arrest of scaffolding is abnormal. In short, the water is hypoxic and acidic due. In the human body this would simulate oxidative stress.

Scaffolding speed increased significantly using microwave: 4 minutes x 7 pH water with an egg at 8 pH. The time for creation of the oval shape was 4 minutes vs. 4 days for natural formation. Note: we could not place our camera inside of the microwave and could only present this photo of the after effect. We summarize that the microwave effect caused oxygen to more rapidly float to the surface and the scaffolding occurred much more quickly than four days. Therefore, we conclude that it is possible that fertility issues (e.g. low sperm motility) may have a link to microwave injured veterans who have had pH alteration due to oxidative stress while being injured by microwave. This may explain birth defects among microwave injured veterans and members of the general public that work closely with microwave system and devices.


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