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P.G. Microwave Injured Student Awareness Tool

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Chronic Fatigue
Academic Performance
Brain Damage
Frequent Illnesses
Joint Pain
Heart Palpitations
Ovarian Damage
Testicular Pain
Increased Irritability
Pain in/behind the Eyes
Chest Pain

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Dear resident of P.G. Thank you for visiting this site. This assessment tool is complimentary because we care about the students of P.G. High School. We believe that the negative health effects of continuous microwave radiation on school property will be so harmful as to lead to disqualification from military service due to inability to pass future military service physicals. These students have a right to not be disqualified from future military service entry. Over four years many of these students will likely have developed serious irreversible brain damage. 


On July 26, 2018, the P.G. City Planning Commission approved an omnidirectional small cell facility installation on school grounds. The approval was appealed by parents and the appeal was denied on September 5th, 2018.


There are very distinct acute, latent, and nascent symptoms that may present over time in these students. Sometimes these symptoms are subtle and sometimes they are extreme. 


This tool is not a medical diagnostic test but rather a tool for PG High School students to use to communicate with their primary medical care providers, parents, and faculty. There are no specialists in microwave injury medicine and the quicker the diagnoses and treatment the less time will be wasted. Sometimes victim's of microwave injury cannot articulate their symptoms well to medical care providers. They simply say, "I just don't feel well."


Parents and faculty that notice symptoms of microwave injury can use this tool to communicate with the students. Truancy may be the first visible result of trying to avoid the small cell facility due to the "Shuttlebox" effect. Former disciplinary tools such as removing privileges, grounding, etc. will not overcome a students compulsion to flee the property. Faculty absenteeism may also rise significantly.


In order to protect the privacy of the student please do not mention the student's name in your correspondence with us. Faculty may also participate in this complimentary service. You have come to this site for a reason. We are glad to be of service to you. 

Fill out the following information

to determine the likelihood of injury.

P.G. High School students deserve the same opportunities that all Americans have enjoyed without the health risks associated with cell facilities installed on school property or within 3,000 feet of the school. 

"My eyelids are involuntarily twitching."

This is an acute symptom of microwave injury.

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